Friday, June 8, 2012

Been away a little while, its going to be for at east another while longer.

Title doesn't make that much sense I know, but it pretty much describes my situation. After a FULL year of hitting girls up 3 nights a week, I made one of my main girls my girlfriend. Exclusive.

There are three very different implications to this.

1. I am incredibly happy with this girl, and we have a blast together; in short it is a mutually caring and supportive relationship.

2. I have also not coincidentally been going through some transitions in my life. Beginning a new career, making sustainable plans for the near future. So in short the last 3-4 weeks I have been lazy as fuck. lol. It doesn't help that I sprained my wrist in a bar altercation. Today is really the first day I have a chance to pick up the pieces, and pick back up with the successful habits that I need to execute in order to see my goals through to the future.

3. The last implication is I miss gaming. but at the same time I don't. It's love/hate to the max. I remember having shit nights and I'm straight on going back to that. But then I remember the thrill of it, and my successes, conquests and whatnot, and I see pretty girls walking down the street. Then I realize I'm in a relationship, and betraying her trust by fantasizing about all this shit too much. (That last realization was a huge one for me. It relates to my other post about honoring the ones that love you, and not reaching for validation outside of those people.)

The last thing is what I want to focus on. I really do believe that there are other endeavors in life that can substitute for gaming. Gaming is just the first independent journey I have stuck through with to the end. The first thing EVER. But it is the launching pad for other successes.

So I am now going to put all of my willpower on making $, and studying for the lsat this December. That is my substitution. oh and working out and nutrition but that is more of a lifelong goal.

I am well aware that I may embarrass the crap out of myself if I come back on here in a year or two bitching about how monogamy is a pipe dream, and that gaming is the foundation for my hustling spirit. I can't call it either way, but I love my girlfriend enough to give it a year and reevaluate next June.

So until then, Take Care hustle hard, and don't trust these hoes, pimp em hard! (that is until you make one your girlfriend) ; )

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Game May Help Yours...

Especially if you are tired of going out, approaching, getting numbers and having girls flake on you. I grew incredibly tired of this when I was about 8 months into approaching consistently. It was a headache.

Like clockwork the girls that I pursued the hardest would blow me off, which would make me want them more. I didn't know what I was doing wrong but knew there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

the solution I found was INCREDIBLY simple, and was in front of me the whole time. I mean this shit is so power full that even if you don't approach and apply this, you will see more women giving you attention, and wanting to be around you.

Before I spell it out exactly, here is the video I recorded shortly after I figured out exactly what that missing piece was

STOP paying attention to people/women that flake on you, and immediately turn your energy onto the people that are showing you attention/love.

i know your saying to yourself, "Evan this is really not that brilliant at all" but it is huge for those people that do not realize how important this is.

whenever you get flaked on by ANYBODY, that sick feeling you feel sucks right? Well the best thing you can do is immediately hang with someone that WILL value your time.

even if this means a girl that may be a bit to clingy, or a girl that is "below your league".

This can also be family and friends. and the KEY here absolutely is to make sure you communicate to them that you appreciate there presence in your life.

That alone there will make you high value as fuck, and you will find the "validation" that feels so good from a hot girl, will feel equally as good if not better coming from someone that you already have in your life. You just have to show them gratitude and NOT take them for granted.

So that's it, sorry if this sounded to Depak Chopra for you, but it is my game, and I have experienced the effectiveness in this shift in thinking, and behavior. It leads to you not really worrying as much when you get rejected, or flaked on because guess what you already have STRONG relationships that you NURTURE and can fall back on. chances are when a girl flakes on you and you don't make a big deal about it, she may be wondering what it is that makes you such a stable guy. That will peak her interest.

That's High Value bitch!

lol of course you don't want to talk to our women like that, but that is essentially the attitude you will convey without saying much at all.

Hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed making it, hit me up if you have any questions or comments


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Direct vs. Indirect game: My perspective

Greetings yall,

I'm finally back on schedule with these things, and I made a cool video about a common misconception of newbies that start out.

I was once a newb, and used to think in order to have a go at the girl I openned I needed her friends to like me. This is completely false, and i would argue that it is almost always better to ignore the friends completely at first... later on down the interaction you can do a nod, or something like that as the context calls for, but you should never feel like you're doing a juggling act to entertain friends and shit.

Your girl does not want that, and the only reason her friends would want that is to ensure you don't get laid...

So as customary with these posts, here is a little video I recorded after a slow night:

Hope you enjoy your week, and get out to talk to these women, because they love it =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sup guys.

So this week I have a cool video I recorded after a fun night out at Crocodile.

It is basically on the topic of how to reign in a girl that you have already had some chemistry with, kissed, had sex with-that sort of thing.

This blog is about how to get that girl, so once you meet the ONE, and have seen each other a few times but her interest is waning, the thing I talk about in this video will draw THAT girl into you like a magnet.

Its actually pretty alarming how well this works so check it out:


i know i mentioned this in passing in the video, but this is for a girl that you have already been dating casually. Preferably one you have had sex with, and just looking to get more serious with. this is not necessarily required though, but that chemistry has to be there.

So if you go out tonight and tell a girl, "look I am completely flattered by you, you're the apple of my eye.." it may humor the chick, but it is not going to spark her interest. in short, this is not something you opne with. To open a girl, especially if she is a stunner you hav eto catch her attention.

"But Evan, how do I do that???"

Well you have to systematically talk to a bunch of girls that interest you, until you come up with your own style. It is not unlike going to the gym, I talk about this in an earlier post.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed the video, I did as I was wasted lol



Friday, March 2, 2012

5 second rule

Everyone that goes out and approaches girls on a consistent basis has experienced the night of doom.

You go into your favorite establishment, and you simply stand around, order a drink and might as well twiddle your thumbs. (this may be something fun to parody, I might try it)

But i think you know what I'm taking about. It is on these nights that you feel as though it is pointless to be out, because you are not doing anything but wasting money, time and leering at women. Well I have the solution!

Click below to see how you can turn a dumb night into a fun productive one.

This is something I came up with when I had way to many nights like the one I described earlier. Follow this rule,  and you will be getting laid in no time, by some hot women at that =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's kinda lonely in here..

Sup ya'll,

didn't really want to post much of an article here, but made a video basically pleading with everyone to post some comments, or send me questions lol.

BUT, also contained within the video is a golden nugget of insight that I think is the single most important thing I have applied in my life to bring me success. check it out:

I never really heard it said like that by anyone before. The idea that "hey if I hack away at this long enough, and just stick to my routine, there is no way that I won't gain ground, like statistically impossible"

That is the ideology that kept me going when I'd get blown out, and its the same approach I am taking to other things in my life, including this blog.

P.S.: Don't forget to leave a comment... pretty pls =)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Remember the fatty!

Wadup guys,

back here for another edition of the weekly blog update. So your probably on this page because you feel as though you can do better with the girls in your life.

Well a misconception I used to hold was if I kept girls around me as friends, and even fuck buddies that it would repel the hot girls i wanted in my life, because I would appear to be "taken". I still have a little of this bs around but the fact is the more women you have and keep in your life the better you stand to do overall.

I'm talking 5's, 6's, 7's all that shit. These chicks may not be pin up girls but there presence and influence will help you get hotter girls. You don't even have to fuck them. Just hangout, get used to that feminine energy. They can even give you cool advice on girls you are into(but that is unusual, so take thier advice with a grain of salt).

I'm not going to bullshit you here, I'm not really sure WHY, or HOW having these girls around helps, but it sure does. If you are starting to see a girl that you are really into, and fear that you may drive her away because you're seeing her too often, hang with a female friend. Usually this will increase the girls attraction to you. She'll be wondering what you are doing when you are not hanging with her, becasue you won't be texting her some bullshit like "I miss you so much baby". Of course you'll be hanging with the female friend having a good time, and giving you the REAL feeling of abundance in women and friends. The previous sentence is very powerful, hope you guys get it and can relate.

On a micro level, fatties also play an integral part in how your night goes as you begin approaching. Here's a video of me explaining this:
A part of the reason I put this video together is because i forget this alot. I'll be wondering why my night is going so shitty, when all I really need is a quick set with a 6 and it reminds me of how awesome I am. Then I go off and do incredible the rest of the night.

Try it out ;)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You don't need the "rat race" to get vag-ay-jay

Good morning folks!

It's your boy Evan. i have a question for you:

Are you doing the 9-5 rat race, chasing financial security or pursuing some other goal in secret hopes that it will net you the girl of your dreams?

I have news for you. If you take this approach, the girl you are seeing RIGHT NOW will probably be the best you get in your life.

I'm not riffing on the value of working hard at your career, or having vision AT ALL. Coincidentally I am into that stuff as well. I'm a full time student, and will be attending a prestigious law school next year.

However I do not expect that to attract women in itself.

What will attract the woman of my dreams is me being dedicated to something I love, and that I challenge myself, not just the sole fact that I will be a lawyer. You get me guys? Cool.

So what will get you the girl of your dreams RIGHT NOW, regardless of your life situation?

Very simply: Cold approach.

Setting a plan for yourself, and living and dieing by that plan. Hitting these girls up.

Here's a video I created to explain specifically how this works, my apologies for the crappy lighting and audio =)

              So that's it. Is it scary starting this journey? Fuck yeah, who cares.

Will you see some crazy shit? Fuck yeah, is it worth going through this to get the woman of your dreams?

That's a question you have to answer for yourself. It was for me.

Thanks for tuning in, and let me know if this rings true for you guys.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spontaniety of love

Have you ever had one of those days that you reflect on past relationships, the great girls that have been in your life, and you try to backtrack to discover what the formula was for meeting that girl, and hitting it off with her?

I'm having one of those days. As you probably gather from my introduction, I have been doing cold approach pick-up for the past 8 months religiously. 3 nights a week. It has been the constant in my ever changing life.

I say this to illustrate if there is someone out there looking to get into cold approach pick-up: as you get good at this that phenomenon doesn't go away. Although you may talk to 5-7 girls a night, when you're starting out you may not even find a girlfriend for 3-6 months.

HOWEVER, and this is important, the universe rewards action. This means that if you commit yourself to following a plan for pick-up, and follow it, women will start coming into your life at an alarming rate.

I am not here to sell you anything, or blow smoke up your ass. I created this blog because I believe in cold approach and it's effectiveness in improving one's dating and social life, as it has mine. I also want to document it as a testament to this period of my life.

So welcome everyone to a virtual journal/soap box/ and above all informative blog about cold approach pick-up.

I can only hope I do this art justice and pass on my zeal for it to other guys that are looking to get into the game.