Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update 2 years post-pickup lifestyle Engaged with a 6 digit salary career

Haha another update!

It is so hard to believe that its been two years since I comitted to my now fiancee. We are still good, I have found spiritual fullfillment in studying scriptures and praying ( lol I know I went alll the way with it, at least jeffy would be proud "no halfway gangster shit!")

I can honestly say I am happy and that pursueing game for the rest of my life would have left me a bit bitter, so incredibly happy with my results. I will try to check back in here to update on relationship and career. I just got a job at Comed as an Engineer making six figures so the money situation is looking good :). As I said before I respect anyone who takes this journey let me know if you have any questions about anything on this blog or about your specific life should know that at one point I could have been a bona fide pick up coach so I have been in the trenches and I know my shit.

Until next time stay committed to your dreams and LOVE more. Everyday.