Friday, June 8, 2012

Been away a little while, its going to be for at east another while longer.

Title doesn't make that much sense I know, but it pretty much describes my situation. After a FULL year of hitting girls up 3 nights a week, I made one of my main girls my girlfriend. Exclusive.

There are three very different implications to this.

1. I am incredibly happy with this girl, and we have a blast together; in short it is a mutually caring and supportive relationship.

2. I have also not coincidentally been going through some transitions in my life. Beginning a new career, making sustainable plans for the near future. So in short the last 3-4 weeks I have been lazy as fuck. lol. It doesn't help that I sprained my wrist in a bar altercation. Today is really the first day I have a chance to pick up the pieces, and pick back up with the successful habits that I need to execute in order to see my goals through to the future.

3. The last implication is I miss gaming. but at the same time I don't. It's love/hate to the max. I remember having shit nights and I'm straight on going back to that. But then I remember the thrill of it, and my successes, conquests and whatnot, and I see pretty girls walking down the street. Then I realize I'm in a relationship, and betraying her trust by fantasizing about all this shit too much. (That last realization was a huge one for me. It relates to my other post about honoring the ones that love you, and not reaching for validation outside of those people.)

The last thing is what I want to focus on. I really do believe that there are other endeavors in life that can substitute for gaming. Gaming is just the first independent journey I have stuck through with to the end. The first thing EVER. But it is the launching pad for other successes.

So I am now going to put all of my willpower on making $, and studying for the lsat this December. That is my substitution. oh and working out and nutrition but that is more of a lifelong goal.

I am well aware that I may embarrass the crap out of myself if I come back on here in a year or two bitching about how monogamy is a pipe dream, and that gaming is the foundation for my hustling spirit. I can't call it either way, but I love my girlfriend enough to give it a year and reevaluate next June.

So until then, Take Care hustle hard, and don't trust these hoes, pimp em hard! (that is until you make one your girlfriend) ; )