Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Game May Help Yours...

Especially if you are tired of going out, approaching, getting numbers and having girls flake on you. I grew incredibly tired of this when I was about 8 months into approaching consistently. It was a headache.

Like clockwork the girls that I pursued the hardest would blow me off, which would make me want them more. I didn't know what I was doing wrong but knew there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

the solution I found was INCREDIBLY simple, and was in front of me the whole time. I mean this shit is so power full that even if you don't approach and apply this, you will see more women giving you attention, and wanting to be around you.

Before I spell it out exactly, here is the video I recorded shortly after I figured out exactly what that missing piece was

STOP paying attention to people/women that flake on you, and immediately turn your energy onto the people that are showing you attention/love.

i know your saying to yourself, "Evan this is really not that brilliant at all" but it is huge for those people that do not realize how important this is.

whenever you get flaked on by ANYBODY, that sick feeling you feel sucks right? Well the best thing you can do is immediately hang with someone that WILL value your time.

even if this means a girl that may be a bit to clingy, or a girl that is "below your league".

This can also be family and friends. and the KEY here absolutely is to make sure you communicate to them that you appreciate there presence in your life.

That alone there will make you high value as fuck, and you will find the "validation" that feels so good from a hot girl, will feel equally as good if not better coming from someone that you already have in your life. You just have to show them gratitude and NOT take them for granted.

So that's it, sorry if this sounded to Depak Chopra for you, but it is my game, and I have experienced the effectiveness in this shift in thinking, and behavior. It leads to you not really worrying as much when you get rejected, or flaked on because guess what you already have STRONG relationships that you NURTURE and can fall back on. chances are when a girl flakes on you and you don't make a big deal about it, she may be wondering what it is that makes you such a stable guy. That will peak her interest.

That's High Value bitch!

lol of course you don't want to talk to our women like that, but that is essentially the attitude you will convey without saying much at all.

Hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed making it, hit me up if you have any questions or comments