Sunday, March 25, 2012

Direct vs. Indirect game: My perspective

Greetings yall,

I'm finally back on schedule with these things, and I made a cool video about a common misconception of newbies that start out.

I was once a newb, and used to think in order to have a go at the girl I openned I needed her friends to like me. This is completely false, and i would argue that it is almost always better to ignore the friends completely at first... later on down the interaction you can do a nod, or something like that as the context calls for, but you should never feel like you're doing a juggling act to entertain friends and shit.

Your girl does not want that, and the only reason her friends would want that is to ensure you don't get laid...

So as customary with these posts, here is a little video I recorded after a slow night:

Hope you enjoy your week, and get out to talk to these women, because they love it =)

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