Sunday, March 25, 2012

Direct vs. Indirect game: My perspective

Greetings yall,

I'm finally back on schedule with these things, and I made a cool video about a common misconception of newbies that start out.

I was once a newb, and used to think in order to have a go at the girl I openned I needed her friends to like me. This is completely false, and i would argue that it is almost always better to ignore the friends completely at first... later on down the interaction you can do a nod, or something like that as the context calls for, but you should never feel like you're doing a juggling act to entertain friends and shit.

Your girl does not want that, and the only reason her friends would want that is to ensure you don't get laid...

So as customary with these posts, here is a little video I recorded after a slow night:

Hope you enjoy your week, and get out to talk to these women, because they love it =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sup guys.

So this week I have a cool video I recorded after a fun night out at Crocodile.

It is basically on the topic of how to reign in a girl that you have already had some chemistry with, kissed, had sex with-that sort of thing.

This blog is about how to get that girl, so once you meet the ONE, and have seen each other a few times but her interest is waning, the thing I talk about in this video will draw THAT girl into you like a magnet.

Its actually pretty alarming how well this works so check it out:


i know i mentioned this in passing in the video, but this is for a girl that you have already been dating casually. Preferably one you have had sex with, and just looking to get more serious with. this is not necessarily required though, but that chemistry has to be there.

So if you go out tonight and tell a girl, "look I am completely flattered by you, you're the apple of my eye.." it may humor the chick, but it is not going to spark her interest. in short, this is not something you opne with. To open a girl, especially if she is a stunner you hav eto catch her attention.

"But Evan, how do I do that???"

Well you have to systematically talk to a bunch of girls that interest you, until you come up with your own style. It is not unlike going to the gym, I talk about this in an earlier post.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed the video, I did as I was wasted lol



Friday, March 2, 2012

5 second rule

Everyone that goes out and approaches girls on a consistent basis has experienced the night of doom.

You go into your favorite establishment, and you simply stand around, order a drink and might as well twiddle your thumbs. (this may be something fun to parody, I might try it)

But i think you know what I'm taking about. It is on these nights that you feel as though it is pointless to be out, because you are not doing anything but wasting money, time and leering at women. Well I have the solution!

Click below to see how you can turn a dumb night into a fun productive one.

This is something I came up with when I had way to many nights like the one I described earlier. Follow this rule,  and you will be getting laid in no time, by some hot women at that =)