Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's kinda lonely in here..

Sup ya'll,

didn't really want to post much of an article here, but made a video basically pleading with everyone to post some comments, or send me questions lol.

BUT, also contained within the video is a golden nugget of insight that I think is the single most important thing I have applied in my life to bring me success. check it out:

I never really heard it said like that by anyone before. The idea that "hey if I hack away at this long enough, and just stick to my routine, there is no way that I won't gain ground, like statistically impossible"

That is the ideology that kept me going when I'd get blown out, and its the same approach I am taking to other things in my life, including this blog.

P.S.: Don't forget to leave a comment... pretty pls =)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Remember the fatty!

Wadup guys,

back here for another edition of the weekly blog update. So your probably on this page because you feel as though you can do better with the girls in your life.

Well a misconception I used to hold was if I kept girls around me as friends, and even fuck buddies that it would repel the hot girls i wanted in my life, because I would appear to be "taken". I still have a little of this bs around but the fact is the more women you have and keep in your life the better you stand to do overall.

I'm talking 5's, 6's, 7's all that shit. These chicks may not be pin up girls but there presence and influence will help you get hotter girls. You don't even have to fuck them. Just hangout, get used to that feminine energy. They can even give you cool advice on girls you are into(but that is unusual, so take thier advice with a grain of salt).

I'm not going to bullshit you here, I'm not really sure WHY, or HOW having these girls around helps, but it sure does. If you are starting to see a girl that you are really into, and fear that you may drive her away because you're seeing her too often, hang with a female friend. Usually this will increase the girls attraction to you. She'll be wondering what you are doing when you are not hanging with her, becasue you won't be texting her some bullshit like "I miss you so much baby". Of course you'll be hanging with the female friend having a good time, and giving you the REAL feeling of abundance in women and friends. The previous sentence is very powerful, hope you guys get it and can relate.

On a micro level, fatties also play an integral part in how your night goes as you begin approaching. Here's a video of me explaining this:
A part of the reason I put this video together is because i forget this alot. I'll be wondering why my night is going so shitty, when all I really need is a quick set with a 6 and it reminds me of how awesome I am. Then I go off and do incredible the rest of the night.

Try it out ;)